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Hey, this is really great! The animation is very well done, and great job on the remix.
I noticed a minor visual glitch with the paths that appear near the bottom of the screen about 1:35 into the video where it appears two brown rectangles don't get blurred right when the scene starts. This doesn't affect anything, but I thought I'd point it out.
Anyway, thanks for making this. I really enjoyed it.

CaseyAnimates responds:

I know about the glitch! Super annoying, too - doesn’t occur in the actual project file, it’s just some weird Adobe Animate bug. Either way, thanks for the feedback my dude!

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Just crazy good. The art, the gameplay, the soundtrack OH… it all feels so much more polished than it has any right to be, ESPECIALLY considering the time constraints. The sheer magnitude of quality still blows my mind to this day

oh yes...

this is exactly the kind of game i'd make with my friends in like 8th grade

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I think the harmonies are voiced better by the synths you chose for the final track, but an electric guitar lead seems fitting for the shootouts Pico partakes in. A guitar sample that sounds more like a palm mute might have been better for the plucky melody though

Did you upload the correct file? This is just a slightly sped-up version of Celeste's B-side Mirror Temple theme... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKnwVvXkWq0

An actual remix or cover would have been fine, but a straight reupload like this is not what Newgrounds' audio portal is used for. I see that you've uploaded other music before, why not take a stab at an original arrangement of the tune instead?

EDIT: Nice to see it updated. The arrangement is fine and I like the synths used around 0:35, but I feel it could have played a bit more with adding new rhythms/harmonies. Even changing something as small as one chord can completely alter the feel of a section and make it feel more unique. Same goes for a neat countermelody or an extra percussion element in the background. A slightly faster tempo would make it feel more intense as well, like a true battle against a giant spider.

TotallyNotGB205 responds:

My mistake! I'll find the correct file.

I have found the right file, and linked the source. Hope that helps!

It sounds a little melancholy, like a kiss of true love rudely interrupted by fatal detonation

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beneath the deadly toll, a ruthless sleuth.

what if zelda was a girl?

Apparently this is the way I find out it’s coming to consoles. I also wonder how that’ll work???

Great drawing btw

wow25 responds:


I hope I end up looking through my switch photos or something. It's gonna be great

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